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JR & Liu Bolin on Elizabeth St in NYC 2012

This behind the scenes video shows you insights into the collaboration between french street artist JR and chinese artist Liu Bolin in the streets of NYC. In case you don´t know them, take a look at Bolins work here and JR´s project “Inside Out”!

some Bright and Bread&Butter pictures 2012

Although both are Tradeshows for fashion and Streetwear, I had a focus on the exhibitions and side events. Take a look at some pictures for example of Toykio, New Era Introducing exhibition and Amateur Magazine:

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AIRMAX100 Book

The MAX100 Book is the result of designer Matt Stevens and shows his 100 personal interpretations of the Air Max 1.
I don´t really know if the book is sold out in germany, but you could purchase it at the official site.
Maybe the Afew Store has a second release. They also offer a poster and artworks shown in the book.

Matt Stevens about his book:

This project has been a blur of crazy hours, rough sketches, half-baked ideas, and breakthroughs.

I’ve had my share of creative blocks, and the exact thought that this is either one of greatest or most ridiculous (or maybe both) things I’ve ever done.

My favorite part of the project though, is that now, after all the work is done, I get to show it to you. All those late nights, doubts and moments of unexpected inspiration, you now hold in your hands. No more puzzled looks as I try to explain that I’m “drawing the same shoe 100 times.”

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