Schlagwort: Grime

Elf Kid – Golden Boy

Skepta – Shutdown & Wiley – Chasing The Art


I said you ain’t gonna get anywhere with all that hate in your heart
Don’t wanna take too much of the grime legacy so I’m taking a part
“What you gonna do musically now it’s not all about making your mark?”
Well, I’m back where I wanna be, it’s not about money, I’m chasing the art

Falls es jemand nicht mitbekommen hat: Skepta ist am 8.5. live in Berlin (einizger Deutschland Gig außer splash!)

Dizzee Rascal – “Pagans” [Video]

Dizzee Rascal - "Pagans"

Endlich mal wieder ein vernünftiger Tune von Dizzee Rascal ! Zu empfehlen ist auch die Dazed Doku “Open Mic” u.a. mit JME , Wiley , Dizzee Rascal , Scratchy und Kano !

Music Nation kicks off online today as countercultural obsessive photographer and filmmaker Ewen Spencer takes to the streets where East London’s grime invasion gave birth. In his raw and candid film Open Mic, trace back to the community centres, bedrooms and makeshift club nights where Britain’s last seismic youthquake began.

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