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Movie: The Movie

The greatest movie ever?!?

Watch the Making-Of here .

Party Legends

VICE and the upcoming movie Project X present Party Legends. Check out the first three episodes with Tyler The Creator, Snoop Dogg and Nick Swardson.

Grandma reads Tyler, The Creator’s Tweets

OF und kein Ende. Aber das Ding muss noch sein. Boo Ya Pictures lassen Grandma mal wieder Tweets vorlesen, dieses mal von Tyler, the Creator .

(via Fader )

Dubstep Xpertz

No words.
“It’s all about the drop. Get your dub on.”

Part 2:

Wu Tang Gran

Wu Tang Gran grew up in a party – the Communist Party – and has lived through some pretty tough times, but will this 70 year old and her crew be able to meet their greatest challenge yet – a break-dance battle against Beijing’s finest hip-hop crew?

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