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Skate Videos: Wavy Gravy & Frozen Wave

“Wavy Gravy”

“Frozen Wave”

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Skate-Video: William Spencer

William Spencer aus Denver, Colorado kombiniert Parcour und Skateboarding mit akrobatischen Einlagen! Krasser Tüüp!

Skater increible: William Spencer.

Thx Jacko!

Skate-Video: “All In”

Das Video von Mark Nickels zusammen mit Lennie Burmeister und Christoph “Willow” Wildgrub mit einigen Berliner Spots ist Teil der Relentless Energy Short Stories und erzählt über Skaten zwischen Full-Time Job und leidenschaftlichem Hobby.

Der Text von Youtube:
The second entry in the Relentless Energy Short Stories 2011 short film competition comes straight from the creative heart of Germany, where film-maker Mark Nickels captures the unwavering passion and obsession of two skateboarding legends: Lennie Burmeister and Christoph “Willow” Wildgrub.

Set against the often haunting backdrop of the concrete jungle that is Berlin, Nickels finds beauty in this urban decay and boldly displays these two huge talents in their natural environment. The unbridled, cathartic sense of freedom and enjoyment that skateboarding can engender takes centre stage in this short film, and the bond between the two award-winning stars is clear for all to see. Their dedication to their craft is absolute, as is their immense skill and bravery as skateboarders.

Nickels is based in the arts-oriented district of Kreuzberg, but it’s his homeland that inspired the film’s title. “My dad was a profession poker player later in his life, after his 31 year career in the US Air Force” he explains. “He worked all his life to support our family and when he retired, he did something he had a real passion for. He lived my story…We had so much in common and I saw my dad have the same ups and downs as I was having with skating.”

“‘All in’ is also a mindset, if you are not willing to do what you have to in order to make something happen, then why try? If you are going to do anything in life, you have to go for it 200%. I want to have no regrets in my life…”

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